Monday, August 11, 2014

Chef AJ's Teleclasses

Chef AJ has done 2 teleclasses - telephone interviews - with Wendy of Healthy Girl's Kitchen. To listen live you have to sign up to Chef AJ's mailing list - instructions on her web site Eat Unprocessed - and a few days before each talk you'll be emailed directions on what phone number to call, what code to put in. It's free, and you can listen but not participate, which is fine with me.

These talks are fantastic! The first one was about the basics of what Chef AJ teaches in her in-person 30 day program in Los Angeles, and she details her own personal diet as well as some weight loss hints and tips. If you don't start eating veggies first thing in the morning after hearing her talk you never will!

The second was about how to follow your healthy food plan when traveling, what to bring, how to pack. It's useful whether you're going to be gone a few hours or a few days.

The next call she'll be accompanied by her partner in the 30 Day Unprocessed program, personal trainer Jon Pierre.

The first 2 talks, and the next talk tomorrow, August 12, 2014, start at 6pm Pacific time, 9pm Eastern. Since I'm already asleep by then, I always catch the talks when Chef AJ emails with the directions to play the recording of the call. It took me a few days each time to find a time when nobody else will be using the phone (We still have wired in phones in this house) so I could have it undisturbed.

But you don't have to do that! When I woke up this morning and logged in to my email, a message was waiting for me with details about Tuesday's phone call, and at the bottom of the message was this tid-bit of information:

The first two Chef AJ Teleclasses are available online.
You won't need to use your phone to enjoy them. Listen to the teleclasses here.
Now I can listen to them any time I want without hogging the phone! It took a wee bit of squinting of the source code on the page to get the url of each file's url so I could download them to my computer then copy them to my MP3 player and Kindle, but now I can listen in the laundromat or on my own trips away from home, like the hour's drive we're taking today down the NJ Turnpike.

Here are the direct links to each so you don't have to do your own squinting at code:

And don't forget to sign up to Chef AJ's mailing list to get directions to future teleclasses. 


  1. It may be too late to get the info on tomorrow's call, since it was already mailed to everyone. Here's what was in the email.

    Tuesday, Aug. 12
    9:00 pm Eastern/6:00 pm Pacific
    Dial in number: 712-432-1212
    Meeting ID number: 263-629-008
    If you have any questions you would like us to answer on our hour-long call, please leave them as comments on the Healthy Girl's Kitchen blog.

  2. Thank you so much for providing the links to the calls.

  3. All if the teleclass relays are available for free on You Tube or at under Chef AJ tee class.

  4. AJ, please thank your husband for all the work he does behind the scenes for all of us while you're out spreading the word in person.