Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lentils Fight Back!

I found this graphic on the Facebook page of WLS doc Garth Davis. I recently found out that he, too, eats and recommends a WFPB no S-O-S diet.

Dr. Davis had a television show on TLC with his father called My Weight Is Killing Me and their previous show was called Big Medicine. Both shows are about super-obese people who opted for various bariatric surgeries, the first series concentrated on the lapband, the recent one on more invasive procedures. TLC must be embarrassed by these shows, because aside from these clips, there's really no trace of the shows even existing on The Learning Channel Web site, even though an episode just aired 2 weeks ago. They can't even put out a decent DVD set for the show. The TV Guide Channel has more about My Weight Is Killing Me than TLC does, even though the episode titles aren't what actually aired.

At least there's still the British TV series called Fat Doctor, and the first 4 seasons are available for free on YouTube

One of these days I'll get around to watching them, and as long as I stick to the McDougall food plan I hope to never need the services of any of those surgeons!

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