Friday, August 1, 2014

Jeff Novick Tell It Like It Is

Jeff Novick posted this on the McDougall forums. It puts people like me at ease, knowing we're not "failures" per se, just took things as far as we could with diet and still need other medical intervention. Here's the opening paragraph:

The WFPB Diet, Medication Myths and You

Unread postby JeffN » Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:47 pm
The WFPB Diet, Medication Myths & You
Jeff Novick, MS, RDN

There seems to be a myth in the WFPB world that if you follow the WFPB diet & lifestyle, you will eliminate the need for any and all medication 100%. If not, you must not be following the program completely and/or have somehow failed the program or not implementing it correctly. 

Now I don't feel so guilty about finally acquiescing to my doctor and started taking the med he prescribed - at the dose he prescribed - to try get my triglycerides down and HDL up, and agreed to start taking the fibric acid derivative (similar to a statin but works differently) if my labs aren't much more improved in January when I get my next lab work. He suspects it's all tied in with my MCTD somehow. 

It's weird how all my major medical problems, like the rare heart disorder Takotsubo Syndrome, to the rare auto-immune disorder of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, all happened while eating a WFPB, no SOS diet. Then again, I've been described as "weird" my entire life. 

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