Monday, October 19, 2015

A Quickie About Jeff Novick's Fast Food Meals

Last year, one of the Star McDougallers had a slight disagreement with me regarding something Jeff Novick said. I said that he mentioned in Fast Food 4: Beyond the Basics that he defrosted his vegetables before cooking them, that's why things are ready in 10 minutes. She insisted he said no such thing.

This afternoon I'm reviewing the DVD for the recipe for Quinoa, Greens and Lentils to try catch what brand those canned black lentils are that he used, and AHA! Right there at the 4 minute 42 second mark he says:

"I don't use my frozen vegetables straight out of the freezer. I usually thaw them, this way they're real quick to cook."

I'm vindicated!

Now to see if my local HFS sells those Westbrae Black Lentils. If not, I'll have to find a store that sells dry black lentils and make some up before Sunday, the day I planed on making this dish. If I can't find either, I guess it'll be made with either 2 cans of plain old Goya lentils (If I can even find those!) or one can Goya, then a cup and a half of cooked tiny mixed lentils from Whole Foods' bulk bin that I bought a few months back.

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