Thursday, October 22, 2015

Webinar of Oct 22, 2015

The topic of this webinar was once again on obesity but it was barely mentioned. Dr. McDougall took a lot of time talking about the new book to be published in about 8 months. He didn't mention the title, but did say he insisted to Harper One publisher that it contain his Color Picture Book, so that is going to be inserted into the center of the book in full color. The rest of the book, aside from Mary's portion, is going to be all newsletter articles, things already published on-line on his web site and available for free. He said he told the publisher that he will not take them down, either, that they will remain on-line for free.

As for Mary McDougall's part in the new book, she's going to have 24 full color recipe photos and I think Dr. McD said there will be another 24 recipes, I assume without photos. It was hard to understand at times, because first one or the other's computer would buffer, then when it came back the sound was out of synch with the video, then Dr. McDougall lost his internet connection completely for about 5-10 minutes and Gustavo kept going off-line trying to get him back. Eventually Dr. McD did get back, answered 2-3 more questions, spoke with a woman named Deb who was able to connect and become part of the webinar video from her hospital (?) bed (I couldn't understand most of what she said. At that point all the audio was echoing. I hope the replay things are cleaned up.), and then it was over.

Maybe next week he'll be on topic and get to answer more questions.

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