Friday, October 30, 2015

McDougall Webinar - Breast Cancer #3

Before I post the webinar link, let me just say Get Well Soon, Debbie!

Once again Mary joins Dr. McD in the beginning to push the Hawaiian trip. This time there's a video of trip highlights, complete with music.

The webinar covers the same information as the others. I paid more attention to the people typing in the comments section of the webinar page than to Dr. McDougall, because he was saying the same old stuff. None of the questions posted on the right were answered, and once again Gustavo asked questions that Dr. McD has answered many times in the past.

At least we have the next webinar to look forward to. It's supposed to be Mary McDougall talking about (and demonstrating??) holiday cooking. There's no registration info yet on the webinar page on the McDougall site. Hopefully it'll appear soon.

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