Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pot Pie Soup

Nina and Randa Nelson, daughters of the VegSource owners, occasionally make up their own recipes. It's Jeff Novick's influence on them! You're not going to appear in his Fast Food videos and not enjoy making up your own recipes. :)

I had already written about Randa's Corn Chowder in the past. Well, today I discovered they recently worked together to make a soup I'll call Pot Pie Soup, since near the end they say it tastes like pot pie.

The ingredients, as my old, crumbling ears heard them:

1 quart low-sodium, no-fat vegetable broth
2 15 ounce cans black beans (3 cups) drained and rinsed (She held a double-sized can of beans)
1 15-ounce can (1 1/2 cups) kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 pound bag frozen mixed vegetables (with lima beans is okay)
1 pound chopped frozen kale
2 pre-cooked russet potatoes, cut up
nutritional yeast
onion powder
garlic powder
no-salt seasoning

Like all of Jeff Novick's Fast Food recipes, you just dump everything into a pot, season to taste, heat for 10 minutes or so, then eat.

I like nutritional yeast so used about half a cup.

I prefer my mixed vegetables without lima beans because the beans in my local store's blend are always hard as rocks, but the girls, and usually Jeff, use a blend that has them. Makes no difference. No kale in my freezer at the present time so a bag of spinach was tossed in.

I had Yukon Gold and white potatoes already cooked up so used them instead of russets.

Onion and garlic powders I sprinkled in about a half teaspoon or more each. I didn't measure, just shook.

Mrs. Dash Table Blend is the seasoning I used, and I tossed about a teaspoon. The twins used a salt-free blend from Costco, and I'm sure the brand many McDougallers use, Benson's Table Tasty, would work fine, too, as would any Mrs. Dash or McCormick blend.

This practically filled my soup pot! When I first added the ingredients I thought I would need to add more broth or water, but as the veggies cooked they released some water of their own, so it was plenty.

As for the taste? Well, not exactly like pot pies I remember as a kid, but delicious on its own merits.

A keeper for sure.

Is there a chance it can be made in an Instant Pot pressure cooker? Maybe not. There are so many ingredients and makes a large volume of soup, it's probably too much. Besides, this will be ready on the stove in 10 or so minutes. It'll take longer than that to reach pressure and start cooking in the IP, so why bother?

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