Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jeff Novick Shopping in Publix

I thought I had shared this recipe ages ago but can't find it on the blog.

Here's Jeff Novick shopping for foods not in Whole Foods this time but his local Publix grocery store in Florida. When we lived in Kissimmee we did a lot of shopping in Publix. It's just a plain old chain grocery store with reasonable prices. I don't remember ours being as well-stocked as this one, but hey, things have changed a lot everywhere in the past 15 years!

Now that we're experiencing our third winter here in NJ with record-breaking snow levels my husband is determined to get back to Florida, even though he's the one that insisted we move back to NJ after only a few months living down there. He deeply regrets it and has apologized profusely repeatedly, especially in the days after 9/11, again after Sandy, and after every flake of snowfall the past few years.

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