Friday, January 29, 2016

Webinar - Starch Solution Questions - Beans Question Finally Answered

In today's webinar, Gustavo Tolosa takes some of the questions most asked via email about the Starch Solution. In actuality, he asked one or 2 questions he already had on paper, took the rest from the chat box.

YES! He finally asked the question I submitted numerous times! BEANS ARE STILL LIMITED TO ONE CUP A DAY! 

I wrote to both Dr. McDougall and to the address asking him to address this and it wasn't until Gustavo saw it in the chat window that Gustavo finally asked it. So, although the Starch Solution doesn't mention any limitation and The Color Picture Book pictures it with other starches in the Green Light - Unlimited category, beans and legumes are still restricted to one cup a day. And he then says what Dr. Fuhrman said a few years ago during the ASW debate, that he can't see anyone wanting to eat more than a cup a day, anyway. Come on, Doc! One cup is less than one can, and I know LOADS of people who can eat more than a can of beans a day!


  1. I'll have to listen, but does he give a reason?

  2. I'll have to listen later, but does he give a reason for the limitation?