Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chef AJ's SPecial Guest, Dr. Alan Goldhamer

Now THIS is what a Q and A SHOULD be like!

Chef AJ holds a 4-week program in LA now and then, a live version of her Ultimate Weight Loss program. This time around she had Alan Goldhamer, DC (and Doug Lisle, PhD, too) as a special guest, and a highlight of his appearance was this one hour question and answer period, where people at the program submitted questions in writing and (Gasp!) AJ actually asked them and (Double gasp!) the doctor actually gave answers to them!

How I wish all doctors who did Q and A's followed the same format.

And how I wish I lived on the West coast and could go to True North! It's on my bucket list, right behind attendance at a McDougall 10 Day program. I can't fly, thanks to my lousy ears, so it would be a really long train or car ride to get there and back.

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