Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dr. Goldhamer Talk

Since she got a Smartphone last summer, Chef AJ loves broadcasting live videos, and lucky for us, she did a few of Dr. Goldhamer from the 10 days she recently spent at True North.

In this video, he talks at one point of the importance of sleep for weight loss. It's as important as proper diet and exercise. I have found out first-hand how essential it is. For decades I've had insomnia, waking during the night, not able to get back to sleep. It got worse after menopause. I've always had trouble losing weight, and it got worse after menopause.

Then last year, for some reason I started sleeping better. It only lasted about 4 months, but with no other lifestyle changes - that is, the same foods, the same exercise - I lost some weight. OK, maybe only 6 pounds total of the 100 or so I still need to lose, but it was something and I was deliriously happy with it. 

Then my son got a job, a job that required him to leave the house by 5am, meaning he had to wake up at least an hour before that to get ready. We live in a 5-room apartment and noise made in one room is heard in ever corner, so as soon as I heard him get up, I was awake. It got worse 2 weeks later when he caught this cold that we're still passing around and I would hear him coughing in his sleep all night long (then my husband coughing, then me coughing, then the kid again, then - - - you get the picture). So I wasn't getting decent sleep again. On a good night I would get 5 interrupted hours. Not only did I regain the few pounds I lost last year but added a few more on. I started this year 2 pounds higher than I started last year. So depressing! Last night again I was awake every hour, reaching for tissues or coughing. Since my husband has to get up for work this morning, I gave up and got out of bed around 3am so he could get some uninterrupted sleep. 

Hopefully we'll get this cold/flu/Martian flu out of the house by Spring, and hopefully I can sleep for longer stretches again. And hopefully I can finally start shedding pounds - Heck, I'll take OUNCES at this point! - again.

AJ recorded another talk yesterday before she left True North, but I haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet. But whatever the subject, I'm sure Dr. Goldhamer makes it interesting.

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