Friday, January 6, 2017

Webinar with Mary and Dr. McDougall

Calling this webinar "Dr. McDougall's Wishes for 2017 and Q&A" is a total misnomer.

It starts off with the couple talking about their early years of marriage - how they met, the cruddy apartment they lived in, their years in Hawaii during his internship and years as a plantation doc. Eventually he gets around to the hippie vegan couple who introduced them to the veg way of life and how they slowly turned to plant based eating.

25 minutes into this thing and they're still reminiscing.

Finally, he mentions that they changed their diet in 1977 about 28 minutes in, the same story about doing research then telling Mary what to remove from their diet - first meat, then dairy, etc. An old story oft repeated.

35 minutes and still rambling. Again mentions how Mary was forced to develop recipes to give their patients in 1977.

Finally made to to St. Helena hospital and their move to Santa Rosa at the 40 minute mark, and how he left to go on his own around 46 minutes.

51 minutes in and they're talking how great the Flamingo cooks make their food for program participants. Not as great as home made, but close. Um, okay. 

What happened to the Q&A? Before Gustavo closed the chat there were at least a dozen questions already, and I'm sure he had a bunch that were written in to the address.

56 minutes - they mention how Heather is now in charge of the programs at the Flamingo and how he brought in Dr. Lim to help examining the patients.

Elvis Presley's birthday?? Same day as their anniversary. Of course, blame his diet for his death, not the tons of drugs he did.

Finally, after the 1 hour mark:
2017 - Hawaii trip in 3 weeks - not news
2018 - Alaska with NatGeo, another Hawaii trip in January 2018 - If interested in either, write to to get on the pre-waiting list, because they expect them to sell out within 48 hours once they open it up for reservations.


  1. You have just saved me an hour of time. Much appreciated! Thanks for your diligent work.

  2. PaMa - If you never heard their story before and had an hour or so to kill, it was a pleasant hour visiting with old friends. They *are* a cute couple, married just one year longer than my husband and myself.

    But if you were expecting a Q&A, perhaps even submitted a question (multiple times throughout the years) and are waiting for answers, it was a total waste.

    So many of these webinars are listed as being Q&A's but Gustavo never gets a chance to ask even one submitted question because Dr. McD keeps veering completely off topic. Heck, even when it's *not* a Q&A Dr. McD barely touches the topic, such as what happened going through the McDougall's Medicine book. If he spent 5-10 minutes talking about the week's chapter, that was it. There were a lot of questions asked in the chat box on each, probably many more submitted via the email link, and very few were asked and answered each week. People tuning in to find out how to reduce their liver enzymes or how to tweak the food plan to reduce cardiac symptoms or knee pain don't want to hear for the 15th time in a year how Dr. McD was dissed by his fellow doctors at Saint Helena.

    OK, I understand the doc is a "passionate" man, but please, maybe deliver what's advertised now and then, okay?