Monday, January 30, 2017

Watch Your Cuisinart Replacment Blades!

I just finished sending an email to the Cuisinart/Conair people telling them of a serious problem I have with the replacement blade they sent me last month for my food processor.

When making a batch of hummus a little while ago I'm watching the blade start to spin up the spindle, about to fly right off!


I quickly turned it off, emptied the processor bowl, washed everything, made sure the blade was 100% seated correct on the spindle, put my half-blended hummus ingredients back in, closed the top, turned it on, and it starts to spin up the spindle again!

Of course I immediately turned it off again, emptied the food processor bowl and told my husband he's going to live with chunky hummus until this problem is solved, and immediately found my email with the service number, a customer service email address, and wrote to them telling them of this problem and asking for a replacement for the replacement blade.

So, keep an eye on your Cuisinart blades, and let them know if this is happening to you, too.

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