Thursday, January 12, 2017

No Webinar This Week

Once again, Dr. Lisle couldn't log in, and this time Gustavo couldn't get Dr. McDougall on the phone to pitch hit. There's a 10-Day program going on right now, so perhaps they're all off on a field trip.

Hopefully next week somebody can log in. There's no registration info up yet so no idea if it'll be Dr McDougall, Dr Lisle, or someone else chatting with Gustavo.

And hopefully I'll be here next week. My computer died and not even replacing the hard drive helped - my son said it's something with the motherboard, so kiss it goodbye. I'm using a borrowed laptop right now, but do have to get out to Best Buy one of these days to pick up a new one. I still have that lousy cold and my head still isn't working right, so want to wait to get a new machine until I can think straight. Last thing I need is to buy the wrong machine for my needs, or mess up setting it up, registering Windows, setting up the virus scanner, making the recovery discs, etc. It's hard enough to do when bright eyed and bushy tailed!

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