Tuesday, November 2, 2010

VeganMoFo Day 2 - Tahini Vegetable Sauce

This one comes from the DVD entitled Jeff Novick's Fast Food. Super simple, and someone who already tried it said it tastes just like Annie's Organic's Goddess Dressing.

This dressing (Annie's) is so creamy, so tasty, so addictive, that I put a special request in to Susan V (She of the Fat Free Vegan mailing list, web site and blog) to develop a healthier version of it, and she came up with Susan's Lite Goddess Dressing, which is good but not the same as Annie's. I'm hoping that this one of Jeff's will be closer to the original.

Remember when I said it's "super simple?" All you do is take equal amounts of tahini (Yes, Jeff allows tahini! Rice cakes - no; tahini - yes. Go figure.), lemon juice and water and put them in a blender and give it a whirl.

That's it!

I'm going to make our usual Tuesday dinner of brown rice and veggies - broccoli/cauliflower/carrot mix for my husband and myself, peas and carrots for my son. The kid will sprinkle some soy sauce on his; my husband usually drowns his with the stuff, but he said although he really doesn't like creamy sauces he'll try a bit of this stuff. Of course I'll only use this tahini sauce.

I hope it's a hit. I really miss my Annie's. I just have to check the date on my can of tahini - it's been so long since I last used it (a year or so?) that I might have to toss it and get a new supply. In the DVD Jeff uses plain old bottled lemon juice. Yay! I always have that around. So much easier and cost effective than having a drawer full of fresh (Ha!) lemons! Produce around here has been awful for years, and the last time I bought lemons they were all hard as a rock and turning brown before one week was out. Gimme bottled lemon juice any day.


  1. I'll be intersted to see how that dressing turns out. It does sound pretty high fat to me; I too was surprised to see Jeff use to much tahini. I doubt I'd make it often because of the fat content, but on occasion it would be nice -- if it tastes good. I do miss Annie's Goddess dressing too!

  2. It was way too lemony for my taste but my husband loved it. I just had a teaspoon to taste it and shivered, then ate the rest of the rice & veggies as-is. I made about a cup total and my husband ate it all.

    He's also the kind of guy who can eat an entire giant bag of salt and vinegar potato chips in one sitting. (shudder) I just smell those things and have to leave the room! LOL