Sunday, November 7, 2010

VeganMoFo Day 7 - Blech!

I feel a need to detox today after yesterday's dinner. The mushrooms and onions were good - don't get me wrong - but when my husband saw I was going to add tomato sauce to the pan he said "Why not just make up a pot of pasta and toss it all in? You're already boiling water to make pasta for The Kid's dinner."

So my nice light meal of mushrooms and onions with homemade ww Italian bread turned into a super carb-fest of oodles of pasta. It was delicious, but I ate way too much, and whole wheat pasta is much heavier than regular pasta. It sat poorly on my poor old tummy, too, and besides tossing and turning all night long I gave up around 3am (Standard time - we changed all our clocks back last night) and got out of bed and I've been awake since. Dragging, but vertical.

Hence the need to detox.

Breakfast was my own version of Mrs. Doodlepunk's Cherry Pie Oats. I make only one serving at a time in the microwave and use old fashioned oats instead of oat groats/steelcut oats, but it's just as delicious. I tossed some whole flax seed to help things, ahem, move along, hence hastening detox.

Lunch was just 2 cups of nuked frozen mixed vegetables followed by a baked potato with some ketchup.

Dinner will be the Basmati Wild Rice mix from Trader Joe's with more mixed veggies and a handful of garbanzo beans. I might also make up the nooch sauce from Rice Primavera recipe to top it off. I usually add Instant Clear-Jel instead of regular corn starch to thicken it - no lumps and no need to heat and stir, just dump everything into a jar, shake, and pour.

Now to restrain myself from eating too much of this delicious concoction or I'll need a better detox tomorrow!

I'm not even going to mention what my guys are eating tonight, as Isa has already threatened to remove anyone who mentions non-vegan foods.

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  1. Ugh. I feel similarly when I eat too much pasta/bread. And there's something about those foods that seems to inspire gluttony. Maybe it's because they're delicious and easy to shovel into one's mouth with reckless abandon. Le sigh.

    Good luck detoxing tomorrow!