Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dr. McDougall's ASW

A few times a year Dr. McDougall holds his Advanced Study Weekends, and lately he's been making videos of the lectures available to those who want them, but for a fee. I convinced my husband that this time he's having a few really great lecturers and it'll be worth the price, and he agreed to let me "buy" the series. It's actually a 6-month rental, because they're all streaming (When it works) and can't be downloaded to individual computers and only available for 6 months. A number of us have been having problems getting some to work, and with me running around like crazy with/for the elderly relative I STILL haven't seen most of them, even though they've been available since September 9th.

Anyway, today I finally got the video by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau to work and so far only got through the Brown Lentil Soup from the Color Me Vegan book. She talks about how important it is to avoid added oils, echoing Dr. McDougall's philosophy, and she does use broth/water to sauté veggies for the soup, but I know her cookbooks use oil in many recipes. When in Rome . . . The soup looks like a standard lentil soup, though - nothing special about it except he truffle salt she suggests adding at the end of cooking time or at the table.

Anyway, this ASW has the following lecturers:

Nathaniel Dominy,PhD - Associate Professor of Anthropology at Dartmouth College. Currently doing research on hunter-gatherer populations in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Uganda.
Robert Rosati, MD - Medical Director of the famous Rice Diet Program founded by Walter Kempner, MD.
Dennis Bourdette, MD - Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center at OHSU where the Diet and MS Study is being conducted.
Robert Vogel, MD - Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical Vascular Biology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.
Neal Barnard, MD - Founder and Director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau - Celebrity Chef for this weekend. Author and Founder of Compassionate Cooks. Printable Recipes from this event » (pdf)
Plus Jeff Novick RD, Doug Lisle Ph.D. and John McDougall, MD

and so far I got to see the welcoming speech, the Rice Diet lecture by Dr. Rosati, and now this one. Maybe by the end of the 6 months I'll finally have the time and the videos will actually work and I'll be able to see all of them. The ones I have seen have been interesting.

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