Monday, October 10, 2011

Veggie Stew A'la Sandie

Tomorrow I have a lot of running around to do for the aunt and won't be home from 7am until??, so today I made a big batch of Veggie Stew A'la Sandie. The original recipe called for it to be cooked in a slow cooker (Crockpot) but mine is buried right now behind bags and bags of stuff from the elderly aunt's house that we're clearing out in preparation of its sale. So instead I just dumped everything in my big pressure cooker pot with the glass lid and let it simmer on the stove for a few hours. At least my son was able to reach that beyond the piles of paper recyclables that are going out tomorrow.

Did I mention we live in a 5-room apartment and the aunt's house is a sprawling 3-bedroom Colonial and has over 60 years' worth of accumulation to be sorted and gotten rid of? It's VERY crowded around here right now!

This will be enough for dinner for the three of us tonight and lunches for hubby and myself tomorrow. Luckily the house still has the microwave oven and refrigerator so bringing my own McDougall-legal meals to eat between appointments and closet cleaning is easy peasy, as long as I remember to pack the thermal bag in the morning, that is.

Vegetable Stew a'la Sandie

Of course, I did it the lazy way, as usual, and used a big bag of baby carrots instead of chopping whole ones. The tomatoes were plain and the no added-salt version. Instead of broth I used water no-sodium veg broth powder. I forgot to buy parsley so used a shake or 2 of dried. And I bought a box of whole mushrooms and quartered them instead of sliced. I like my mushrooms a bit chunkier in stews.

The photo is after the first hour of simmering and you can tell the potatoes are still fairly solid. By the time dinner rolls around they'll be all soft and mushy and pretty much dissolved, thickening the stew. I'll add salt and pepper at the table, as I try avoid the sodium while hubby pours it on (And has perfect blood pressure, the rat!).

Tomorrow there probably won't be a VeganMoFo post. Dinner is just going to be some Success brown rice mixed with a can of garbanzos and some kale and everyone will add their own toppings, like ff veg gravy or salsa. Sorry.

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