Monday, October 17, 2011

Letha and MWLP Foods

For one glorious year, a McDougaller named Letha Louise kept a blog of all the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan foods she cooked. The beauty of this blog was in the photographs - she took pictures of every stop of the cooking process, from assembling the ingredients, the chopping, the cooking, and onward to the plating of the food, and sometimes beyond, showing all the containers of leftovers she has from the recipe. She even had her own message boards for a while.

Letha hasn't appeared on the McDougall forums for over a year now, and her last blog entry dates back to November 2009, but I spent a few hours there again this morning, snagging recipes I didn't in the past, skipping them previously because they didn't appeal to me at the time but my tastes have changed so now they do. It's worth a visit by anyone, whether they're doing MWLP, regular McDougall, vegan, or just plain like good eating.

Letha, we wish you would return not only to blogging but to the forums. We really miss you!

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