Saturday, March 25, 2017

And It Only Gets Worse

No doc yesterday. The office manager tried, and even had me penciled in at one point, but then the doc had her cancel all afternoon appointments because he had a meeting to go to. Oh, come on! You only have like 12 office hours all week, and now you cancelled 4 of them??

So, I either hold out until Tuesday afternoon or hit an urgent care center. Since what I'm probably going to have ordered for me is the combo steroid and bronchodilator inhaler, and since it'll take at least 2 weeks before it actually does anything, I guess I'll wait.

Because I kept dozing off while sitting up watching tv yesterday (Can't lie down - that's when it's worse), I tried sleeping in a rocking chair in the living room last night. Not too bad. I slept about 6 hours in 2 hour intervals - the most sleep I've had in 2 weeks. It's just so sore on the butt. I need to find the gel cushion we used when that chair was my husband's headquarters after his CABG surgery. He said it was pretty comfy at the time.

And hey - I may actually get out of the house today! Our cars haven't been moved since we did our last grocery shopping trip before the recent ice storm, 2 weeks ago today, the day I got sick. Hubby would walk to a mom and pop store and grab a few items we needed, like his bread and bananas, but no big order, so we're starting to get low on a few things again. I wish I could go, but people would hear me coughing and gagging and run the other way. I'm a public health hazard, to say the least. So hubby is taking one of the cars and is getting a small order. Small, because 1) He has to shop for and carry it all alone and 2) I really haven't been eating much of anything so don't need to restock the freezer or pantry with much. We've had a lot of leftovers lately.

Anyway (I always wander so far off the subject), after he gets home and we get all the stuff put away, we'll see how I feel and how the weather is. It's supposed to hit 60 this afternoon, but rainy. If it's not too bad, and if I feel up to it, we'll head out again with the other car and take a ride around town, then get gas. I may actually be out for an hour! I haven't even been dressed for the past 2 weeks! I have 2 appointments on Tuesday (podiatrist and primary care), so I better get used to getting up and about again.

My son brought this thing home from work 5 weeks ago today, and he never got rid of it. It lessened to a great degree, but never stopped completely. Just when he thought it was ready to finally fade, he tells me that Thursday night he developed a sore throat again. By the time he got home from work yesterday, if you closed your eyes you wouldn't be able to tell us apart. Stereophonic coughing! You only knew who any particular hacking wheeze was coming from by which room it was emanating from. I'm sorry, kiddo! Referring to us as the 2 Muto from Godzilla the other day was a joke! I didn't want you to get it as bad as I have it again!

Oh, he was on the same asthma med as I was for the longest time, but he stopped taking it on his own once he hit college. He was on it a few years before I was. He refuses to even consider going back on it. Maybe if he sees it working on me to get rid of this cough in a few weeks he'll consider asking the doc for it back again.

Better get my day going. It's going to be a busy one for a change. Hopefully I will get out and hopefully the fresh air will do me some good. Cross your fingers the rain holds off until we get back home.

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