Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Is Auto-Immune Disease Awareness Month

In honor of Auto-Immune Disease Awareness Month I'll once again post the link to the Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Foundation site.

This is the crap disease I have to live with daily. 

I refuse to take the chemotherapy or steroid drugs that are usually handed out like jellybeans by rheumatologists, so I stick to the WFPB no added SOS food plan and eliminate foods that cause me pain, like gluten and (sob) potatoes in all forms. At least I'm not reacting too badly to nightshades right now so I can still have tomatoes a few times a week.

I know eventually, as my disease progresses, I'll have to go on some of those strong medications, chemical concoctions whose side effects are worse than the disease(s) it tries to control, but if doing without my beloved spuds not only lets me sleep at night with a little less pain but keeps me one more day away from that poison, so be it. Once again let me say, maybe Dr. Fuhrman was right.

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  1. I've never heard of that before. What is it? Arthritis? My son has crohn's and your right- big pharma loves to push the drugs.