Monday, March 27, 2017

Still Hacking and Wheezing

Going out for a half hour Saturday in the gloomy grey dampness did nothing to improve my spirits or the cough.

And yesterday I woke up with laryngitis and a weird squeak after each cough. This morning, I can't speak at all, not even in hushed tones. Lovely.

This time tomorrow I *should* be home from the doc, hopefully with a new prescription for Advair, and within 2 weeks, the time it usually takes for a med like that to start working. If the doc is unhappy with what the inside of my throat looks like or the sound of my lungs, I may even be gifted with a script for oral prednisone. Oh, joy. Instant 50 pound weight gain if that happens. :(

And yes, my poor son now has this full blown, nearly identical to mine, as opposed to the version he started out with 5-6 weeks ago. He still refuses to see the doc. Oh, well.

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