Monday, October 6, 2008

Vegan MoFo Days 5 & 6

Sunday is burger day around our house, and yesterday was no different. Unfortunately, I don't remember which burger recipe it was that the burgers in the freezer were made from, one of Bryanna's recipes she posted to VegSource years ago or the one from the PPK/VwaV cookbook. Damn, I just did a Search over there and can't find it! I know it used to be on-line because that's where I found out it needed more flour than the recipe originally stated!

Today there's a definite chill in the air - perfect weather for a hearty stew and a loaf of crusty bread. The recipe I'm using today is Easy Crock-pot Winter Stew and I'll run to the bakery for a loaf of crusty whole grain bread or go through my recipes for one to make in the ABM.

The recipe was originally posted to the Vegan Crockpot Cooking list on Yahoogroups back in 2004. Things have been a bit slow there lately, but the archives are jammed with gems like this, so why not come over and join and share your own favorite slow-cooker recipes.

edited to add:

Here's a photo of the stew in the Crockpot. Not too shabby a photo for not having a usable viewfinder on the camera.

Easy Crockpot Winter Stew

And I also decided to make this Black Bean Soup from the McDougall Made Easy DVD to go with it.

McDougall Made Easy DVD Black Bean Soup

All this, plus a salad, and it's a very filling dinner. We'll stick with our usual piece of fruit while watching The Big Bang Theory
tonight as our snack. Our son *is* Sheldon!

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  1. double soup day. that's cool. will be nice for the upcoming days.

    I've been wavering on my plans to make soup for a potluck this coming monday. seeing your soup post makes me want to do it.