Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 1 - Isa Is So Pretty

Wish Blogger had a feature to change the date,

(Edit: Thanks to Bex for showing me how to change the date. Now it does say October 1, the first day of VeganMoFo).

this way I could make this yesterday's post about still being sick and just having leftovers of the night before's tomato soup and ziti. No bread, though.

I also cooked up a batch of spinach with garlic, but forgot all about it. When hubby went to do the dishes for me (What a nice guy!) he asked what that pot on the back of the stove was from. Oops! It didn't matter to him that the stuff was now cold — he grabbed a bowl and a fork and dived right in, finishing half of it while standing by the sink. I'll eat my half at lunch time today.


  1. hehe, Blogger actually does have a feature to change the date.
    When you are in your post editing screen, at the bottom there is a "post options" link, click that and you can change the date to whatever, even the future and it will post for you on that date & time.

  2. Thanks! LiveJournal makes it obvious, right at the top of the page, where to change a date. This blog hides it.

    At least it now says October 1 and is back in order for VeganMoFo.