Monday, October 13, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 13 - Irish Stews

When I made up the dinner menus for the month I assumed we would be having typical October weather and nice hearty soups and stews would hit the spot. Instead, we're still having summer temps, at least through Wednesday. Oh, well. Nobody will complain about a heavy meal after a hard day at work or job hunting.

My only problem is deciding which stew to make. Irish stews are simple and there isn't much of a difference between various recipes. This one, Irish Potato and Cabbage Stew, is pretty straight forward, whereas this one, Irish Peasant Stew, has a bit of a bite to it from the V-8 Juice. Knowing my husband, this is the one he'll prefer.

I'll make this — Joe’s Ridiculously Good Irish Brown Bread That Takes 5 Minutes To Make posted by Desdamona to the ElizaVegan blog — to go with it. ElizaVegan Irish Soda bread It's a new-to-me recipe, and I usually don't make soda bread to go with any soup or stew, but this one looks too easy to pass up. That's her photo of the bread on her blog - doesn't it look delicious? Mine never look that good, they're always so pale in color, pasty white like my own Irish skin.

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  1. I made stew 2 days ago - had some yesterday as well and I've just finished it off today for my lunch.
    Enjoy the sunshine.