Wednesday, October 8, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 8 - Tofu Loaf

The loaf recipe I use the most Tofu Loaf comes from Mary McDougall and was originally posted in one of the McDougall newsletters. My notes don't say what issue and if it was the free on-line one or the former paid printed one, but it really doesn't matter. I'll bake up a bunch of potatoes and maybe roast a few other veggies to go with it, as long as the oven will already be on. Salad and soup will probably be on the menu, too.

I know loaf recipes are a dime a dozen, but I'm still searching for the one recipe that will make a really firm loaf, one that will stand up on its own after cooking and can be easily sliced without crumbling to pieces. Most loaves I make wind up better suited as spreads. Tasty, but gloppy.

If you love to experiment, try using the Magical Loaf Studio on the Vegan Lunch Box blog. You'll never make your loaves the same way twice. Bryanna Clark Grogan also frequently posts her loaf recipes on the Beginners board on VegSource. Well, that was a smaller version of it - the original loaf file has nearly 50 loaves, including ham flavored. I guess she no longer offers them because many have appeared in her monthly paid newsletter or in books, either her own cookbooks or as the contributor to books by others, like Dr. Barnard.

I don't make loaves that often any more since the kid graduated college and is home for dinner every night. He doesn't like my vegan loaves and much prefers the dead meat variety, but he said it's more of a texture thing than the vegginess of the food, that they taste okay, just the mouth-feel gags him. He always was a picky eater.


  1. The loaf recipe I make most often is the SDA Mini-Meatloaves from the Fat Free Vegan site. I originally posted it on the old McDougall board at VegSource and Susan moved it over to her site.

    This recipe makes a more familiar meaty-type meatloaf. Groundhogg once mentioned that she made it as one big loaf instead of individual ones and it worked fine.

  2. I have the same luck w/ loaves that I make. annoying.

    Not that it helps, but Amy used to make a good frozen loaf for years, but then she had to go and add honey. annoying.