Saturday, October 4, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 4 - Quick and Easy

We spent the day with an elderly relative who kept pushing sweets (non-vegan) on us, so it's nice to come home to healthy foods. Dinner will be a mixed green salad with honey (agave instead of honey) mustard dressing (McDougall recipe), brown rice, broccoli and cheese soup (another McDougall recipe), and baked beans consisting of a can of Bush's vegetarian baked beans, a can of no salt added diced tomatoes, and a can of fat-free no meat chili (check labels - some have dairy). I have some leftover spinach & garlic in the refrigerator so I'll reheat that, too. Hmm, looks like a lot. Perhaps I'll skip the rice and if The Boss (a.k.a. hubby) wants something more substantial there's always some baked corn chips in his snack closet.

Snack tonight will be bananas. Again. The kid is learning how to drive (He's had his license 6 years but hates to drive) and is finally making local solo runs, and decided he'd hit the grocery store for me the other day and grab "some" bananas. He came home with 2 bunches of 5 each. For three people. Looks like I'll be making a banana bread tomorrow or Monday.


  1. I found your blog through vegan mofo and everything on it looks really good. How was the broccoli and cheese soup?

  2. Ha! That sounds quite like my banana saga this weekend. I highly recommend the banana chocolate chip muffins in "Joy of Vegan baking". With walnuts! It used up 4 bananas!

  3. The soup was delicious! It's very similar to the potato broccoli soup in Vcon (p. 138), but cheezy because of the nooch. Next time I'll add the herbs from Vcon's recipe for a spicy, cheezy soup. How can it go wrong?

    And Aimee, I don't have that book (Too dangerous) so I'll stick with my tried and true Esselstyn recipe but maybe bake it up in mufin cups instead of a loaf pan. I got the Texas-size muffin pan during the summer and so far only used it once.

  4. for some reason, when I think of baked beans, I think of an english breakfast. beans, toast, fried mushrooms, baked tomato, tea. yummers.