Monday, October 27, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 27 - Italian Garbanzo Stew

We seem to enjoy the older recipes of Mary McDougall better than a lot of the newer ones. The Italian Garbanzo Stew that we're having tonight comes from the McDougall Plan for Maximum Weight Loss book MWLP book and has such simple ingredients and is so quick and easy to make. Some days I just toss everything into the Crockpot in the morning and be done with it.

My changes? I use frozen spinach instead of fresh because I hate those thick stems and I'm too lazy to sit there cutting them off of each and every leaf. I use no salt added diced tomatoes where she wrote "chopped" only because I'm very salt sensitive. I use usually canned beans that I rinsed well but sometimes use fresh cooked dried ones. My family can't tell the difference and no one has ever needed to add any salt at the table. If you don't have a problem with salt just use regular tomatoes and canned beans and enjoy!

Knowing my husband, he'll be expecting a loaf of bread to go with this, so the ABM will get another work-out today.

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  1. I typically don't add salt either. If taste buds are sensitive enough, salt isn't needed to enhance flavor :) woohoo

    I love fresh spinach, but cleaning it is a pain. So I typically go for frozen or use fresh dino kale (it's easier to clean).