Thursday, October 9, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 9 - Leftover Thursday

A problem that crops up frequently when making a recipe that makes 6 or more servings is that there are a heck of a lot of leftovers when only or 3 people are doing the eating. That means if those leftovers aren't eaten for lunch the next day or shoved into the freezer they accumulate and take up precious refrigerator space. So every other week or so we wind up with a leftover meal, and today is the day. We have tomato soup, Winter Stew, Italian bread and some sauce, even some tofu loaf. It's never a pretty meal, and sometimes the kid takes one look at the leftovers and puts a pot of (non-veg) mac and cheese on for himself instead, but the leftovers usually get finished off.

Sorry, nothing new and exciting to wrote about. And tomorrow starts the weekend routine. We have the same things every weekend - pizza on Friday, (usually) spaghetti with Julie's sausage recipe made into either sausages or meatballs, and Sunday burgers. My boys like monotony some times.

Damn. I was just over on the Everyday Dish web site to get the recipe to link to it and see the whole site has been reformatted. Sure, it looks more professional and all, but for people with slow computers like me it's harder to get around. And you have to search for the recipes! It's not intuitive to have to click on the "Watch video" button to get the recipe AND the video. I'd rather have them back on separate pages again.

I wish we could afford a new computer, one that we could connect wirelessly to the cable modem in the kid's room. This computer is 10 years old this November still running Windows 98 (and not SE - Second Edition, either) so the only way to connect it to that modem is with a 100+ foot long cable running form the kid's room around doorways, windows and ceilings, from one end of the apartment to the other. Then the kid wouldn't be able to close his bedroom door and I wouldn't be able to close the door to this room. We're not even allowed to hang pictures in this place so I'm sure the owner doesn't want us drilling holes for cables. The NJ lottery is our only hope.


  1. if the hole were really small, could you fix it up easily? I'm a landlord's dream come true ;-).

  2. The house is around 100 years old and the walls are the old fashioned plaster over lathe. Just a tap with a hammer and nail puts a long crack a few feet up and down the wall, which is why he has the no-holes rule. To run the cable the hole would probably have to be made about 1/2 inch wide to get the connector part through so who knows how big of a crack would appear or how hard/easy it would be to fix. The phone guy caused a 4 inch chunk of wall to fall out when he installed a new connection for us when we moved in and the owner had a fit *then*.