Thursday, October 22, 2009

VeganMoFo Day 22 - Stew pic and McDougall Info

I finally got the photo of my own stew posted to this other blog post. Enjoy.

And there's lots of drama going on around this house again, thanks to hubby's 91 year old aunt with Alzheimer's Disease and now his cousin from out of state who thinks she can tell my husband what to do and how to do it when it comes to the aunt's care but really doesn't want the responsibility, herself. She is insisting on live-in help although the aunt is adamantly opposed to it and is going to hire the person herself, BUT is leaving it up to us to tell the aunt and get the room ready for her, and all that jazz. All I can say is: Oy vey!

So, leftovers again today because I've been running around all day. Instead of a recipe I'll leave you this video from Dr. McDougall about the McDougall Program.

McDougall 10-Day Program from John McDougall on Vimeo.

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  1. Hey, I'm in that video! I won't say which one I was -- you'll have to guess (I don't have a speaking part) -- but I attended the session where it was filmed, almost exactly one year ago. I would so much love to go back. Or maybe to Costa Rica! Sadly, not soon I'm afraid. I highly recommend it if you're so inclined, and can afford it.