Sunday, October 4, 2009

VenanMoFo Day 4

I did take photos of those baked beans, but the camera is in the bedroom and my husband is sleeping. They'll get posted tomorrow sometime.

The beans were great, but a bit too sweet for my taste, so next time I'll halve the sweeteners. And because Letha said hers came out burnt, I added a second can of no-salt-added tomato sauce right at the beginning. Not one bean burned onto
the Corningware. The beans plus a salad made a great rainy day supper.

Letha's baked beans
(Here's the pic, as promised. Sorry it's so dark.)

Speaking of Corningware, after the cardiologist Thursday we hit the outlet mall and visited one of my
favorite stores in it, the Corningware store. I bought the cutest little 6 ounce bakeware bowls! You'll see one in the bean photo when I get it up. One of the weight loss blogs I read recommended using the smallest plates and bowls possible for your meals, and if you want more, just go and get it, but you have to think about whether you're really hungry or not. Dr. McDougall encourages that. In the past, I would have dished out at least 1 1/2 - 2 cups of those baked beans into a bowl, probably on top of a cup or more of brown rice. Yesterday, that 6-ounce serving with the salad was perfect. Sure, I got hungry again a few hours later and had a banana, but for a meal, that was all that I needed.

Today is Sunday, and in this house that means burgers. If I can't find a decent frozen one (meaning the sodium content is low enough) I may buy the ingredients to make Mary McDougall's McVeggie Burgers. They look a lot
like the Dr. Praeger California Burgers I used to be able to get but are no longer available here. I'll be sure to snap some photos if I go that route.

Well, I've been up for 2 hours now so I better
get breakfast started. Pre-heart thing I would have one of Amy's Breakfast Burritos, but at 540 mg sodium in one little burrito that's now on the no-no list, so I guess my special Sunday breakfast will be a baked sweet potato/yam today. (sigh) I miss being able to eat all the vegan foods I liked.

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