Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy (continued)

We have all our flashlights ready and a few dozen fresh replacement batteries ready.

We have a pantry loaded with canned tomatoes, beans, veggies and gallons of water.

The windows AC is out of 2 of the rooms, the other 2 are too close to the houses on either side to worry about. The windows are triple-paned so no danger of them getting blasted out in the storm, even if the winds do go up to 120 as they're predicting for our area.

All that's left is the waiting. While we're doing that, enjoy this "Sandy-themed" video. This one is early-Bruce Springsteen called Sandy (Fourth of July), this particular one recorded in 1975 (!!) when they were still being imitated by bar bands up and down the Jersey Shore. Look at how young they are! Max Weinberg!! And The Big Man before he got too big! And Springsteen singing so clearly you can actually make out the words! Oh, to be that young again! To be back at the Jersey Shore in the 1970's!

But not during a hurricane.

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  1. Just wanted to say good luck. I am prepared up here in New England though we are not supposed to be have as bad as what you will get. But it will be enough to down trees and lose power.
    P.S. Enjoy your blog very much.