Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 17 - Lesser Known McDougall Recipe Sites

Everyone knows Susan Voisin's Fat Free Vegan site, and the blogroll on the left hand side of this page here brings up a number of active bloggers who follow the McDougall program, but what about the lesser known sites, like:

The McDougall Plan Community on LiveJournal

The McDougall Community on SparkPeople

McDougall Talk (lots of older memberships were removed and they're not allowing new registrations)

Marla's Marvelous Meals - from down-home comfort food to exotic feasts

Livin' La Vida McDougall - Wiki of McDougall recipes and links

Bob and Farley's Place (no longer taking new registrations - is closing the end of November) - a blend of McDougall, Fuhrman and Jeff Novick food plans

And there are a few active McDougall-based Yahoogroups, too:

McDougall Chat - weight loss talk is discouraged because many people follow the program for health, not weight, reasons

McDougall Weight Loss Programs - for all McD plans, not just MWLP

If you know of any other McDougall-related site, please tell us about it in the Reply section. Thanks.

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