Saturday, October 20, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 20 - Foxtrot Comics

Foxtrot has been one of my favorite newspaper comic strips since the first day. Although the strip is now only showing new comics on Sundays, a few on-line sites are airing reruns of the years of strips.

One premise is that younger son Jason is a nerdy geek. He had an Apple computer for decades, 

read The Hobbit and all the Lord of the Ring books years before the movies, 

and has all three of the good Star Wars movies memorized (and pretends the newest three don't exist). 

The writer of the strip is also a math geek, so Jason is, too. My son is very much like Jason Fox, and every time there's a math strip with all these weird equations I have to save them and have him explain them to me. Some are a bit obvious, like:

Others leave me scratching my head and take a few minutes to figure out:

Another premise of the strip is that Mrs. Fox (Mom) loves to tinker with healthy vegan cooking, and a number of panels over the  years have included things like tofu, "yeast cheese" and other "scary" foods. And of course, being the typical SAD family, Dad and the boys are always finding ways to get out of eating the foods Andy (Mom) makes.

Just like MY guys! Some of these are word for word what goes on in my own home.

Here's the strip that re-ran October 18th:

And some others from the past:

Yes, I frequently tell my son to just "put ketchup on it" when there's a dish he doesn't like.

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