Monday, October 22, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 22 - Jeff's Fast Food Curry Sweet Potato Burgers

Are you people sick of hearing about Jeff Novick's meals yet? No? Good, because today I'm posting about his Curry Sweet Potato Burgers, one of the specialty burgers taken from his Fast Food: Volume 2: Burgers and Fries DVD. The recipe for this particular burgers in on the PDF file on the disc and is posted on this site.

This is the first time I'm making this particular version of his burgers. I got the DVD when it was initially released earlier this year, but it was during the months when I was sick with the flu. Yes, months. I started the week after Christmas 2011 and was sick for 6 weeks, well for about 2 weeks then started all over again, sick another 6 weeks, better again for just a few weeks then my husband and I were both sick with it. He was so bad he had to call in sick from work for a whole week, something he's only done once before in our 35 years of marriage.

Anyway, I only made Jeff's burgers about 3 times, the first with his original recipe, which is slightly different. The next 2 from his Basic Recipe from the video. Don't get me wrong - the burgers are delicious, but hand-squishing those beans when one has cervical neuritis in the neck and degenerative disc disease up and down the spine was a chore. It was so much easier - but not healthier - to just buy a package of McDougall-approved frozen burgers (and sometimes a brand that wasn't on the approved list) those rare times we had a burger dinner.
Penzey Spices Curry Selection


While looking for another of Jeff's videos the other day I rediscovered the Burgers and Fries one and realized I never saw it with a clear head, so popped it into the machine. Of course looking at those gorgeous burgers made me yearn for one again, so I decided to pop an Aleve and make up a batch of the Curry Sweet Potato ones. I already had some leftover mashed sweet potatoes in the freezer in those tiny 1-cup storage containers, so took one out to defrost. I have a supply of curry powder I got from Penzey Spices already on hand, and always have a load of canned beans in the pantry in my Cansolidator.

The finished product. Well, shaped but uncooked. They'll stay in the refrigerator for a while, then get popped on the Calaphon non-stick griddle for a few minutes, then flipped. I have lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and whole wheat Kaiser rolls for hubby, Ezekiel English muffins for me. I was going to get whole wheat pita or naan bread but the store had neither when I went, only white flour versions. 

I also made up some spiced up steak fries from the DVD, too. I know the photo isn't that great but I had to be quick as my husband was already grabbing some out of the bowl. On the russets I used garlic powder on half of them, curry powder on the other, and for the sweet potatoes, half had curry powder, half had pumpkin pie spice. These were as big a hit as the burgers! The only problem we had was that the burgers were SO filling! Next time I'll plan on just one burger each, and hubby already requested we use these burgers without rolls just served on a plate with the fries and some veggies. He likes Jeff's SNAP curry recipes and says this is a pleasant change of pace.

Next week, maybe the Southwest version. I already got some hints on what to serve them on in this thread on the McDougall forums. I already have the spice, a nice Southwest mix from Penzey's.

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