Friday, October 12, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 12 - My Flickr Food Photos/Pizza

Carrot-Raisin MuffinsMcDougall-Legal Pizza - AfterMcDougall-Legal Pizza - BeforeSeitan BallsMashed Potatoes with Punk Rock Chickpea GravyTwice Baked Hummus Stuffed Potatoes
Gathering the hummus ingredientsAlmost doneThe Finished ProductChickpea Broccoli CasseroleChickpea Broccoli CasseroleMcDougall_blueberry_muffins
scrambled_tofuTomato-Rice Soup with Roasted Garlic and Navy BeansEveryday BreadFaith's Mom's Greenbeans & MushroomsMcDougall Apple CobblerMcDougall Festive Dal Soup
McDougall Potato ChowderV'con Pumpkin MuffinVegetable LasagnaV'con Corn-Crusted Tofu & Corn PuddingBest Banana BreadLima Bean Stew
veg foods, a set on Flickr.

Of course, this is only what I had on Flickr. I just discovered the code to post this grouping today.

Notice that 2 of these are for pizza. This is an old photos, taken a number of years ago when Mary  McDougall was still occasionally calling for vegan cheese in her recipes. The crust was made with whole wheat flour, not even the white whole wheat that's available today.

Nowadays there's a healthier alternative to store-bought vegan cheese or even vegan pizzas. Mark Sutton released a book this year called the Heart Healthy Pizza Cookbook. On his website for the book and its accompanying blog he's shared many of the recipes for the crust, base sauce, toppings and even health versions of vegan cheese.

His book - and pizzas - have been endorsed by the McDougalls, the Esselstyns, and even the Mad Cowboy, Howard Lyman, the man who caused Oprah to get death threats after he appeared on her show and she vowed to cut back on red meat.

Anyway, the recipes in Mark's book are excellent and perfect for McDougallers, nutritarians, Engine 2 followers, plain old vegans, and anyone who wants to have their cake pizza and eat it, too.

Now if only he would put out a DVD of him cooking, like Jeff Novick and Mary McDougall have.

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