Tuesday, October 2, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 2: Longevity Stew

I'll be starting off the month with the recipe I've made the most out of all his recipes, the Longevity Stew. This originally appeared on his Fast Food Volume 1: A Common Sense Approach to Health video.

Here's the preview video for the DVD:

The recipe in the PDF file on the DVD is for Longevity Soup, but he demonstrated how to make a different dish, the Longevity Stew. These are the ingredients for the stew:

28 ounce can whole tomatoes
1 pound bag frozen soup veggies
1 lb mixed veggies
15 ounce can of beans
1/4 of a small bag of greens
1 potato - chunked
1 1/2 tomato cans water
1" ginger - chopped
1/2 bag Success rice (or 1 small bag) - add to the pot with other ingredients
Mrs. Dash or other spice mix

For those who don't know how Jeff cooks these meals, everything gets tossed into a big pot and heated through until the veggies are nice and hot, usually about 10 minutes for him, but if you like your veggies softer, cook it longer. Usually some other starch, like rice or pasta, is cooked in its own pot, unlike this recipe where it's one of the ingredients. Many people like to make a big batch of brown rice on weekends and just dish it out as needed during the week. He once said that each potful of his meals is around 1500 - 1800 calories, depending on which starch was used, which bean, the type of tomato product, etc.

These are the ingredients I used:

Instead of Success brand rice I'm using a cup of Minute Rice brown rice.

I don't like Mrs. Dash in any of its incarnations, but I do have this no-salt seasoning that I absolutely adore. It's from Aromatica and it's the Organic Roasted Garlic Herb blend:

I also usually toss in a spoonful or 2 of one of the soup/seasoning mixes from Dr. Fuhrman's web site, matozest or vegizest:

Here it is, bubbling away:

Whoops! I just realized I forgot the greens. Oh, well.

I never did get a photo of the finished product, but it looks very much like what you see as it cooked, plus the little bits of rice floating around.


I was soon reminded of why we stopped eating these SNAP meals as often as we used to. After finishing off the entire pot, along with a few slices of bread each, about 2 hours later we were both ravenous! While I settled for a banana, my husband proceeded to devour a few hundred calories' worth of fig bar cookies and potato chips. 

I may not be sticking with Jeff's meals for the entire month. I do have the ingredients purchased for the rest of the week's menus, but next week my go with all-potato meals or meals from one of the older McDougall books, or maybe even recipes from McDougallers who no longer post to the forums but shared oodles of recipes when they did, like Jan Tz, Sandie and Letha as a "Gone but Not Forgotten" theme.

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