Friday, October 26, 2012

VeganMoFo Day 26 - Like A Hurricane

Hurricane Sandy is on her way up the Eastern seaboard and our area is going to start seeing the rain bands on Sunday and continue into next Thursday. Forecasts like this make me glad I bought Robin Robertson's book Vegan Unplugged when it came out. Here in urban New Jersey we don't usually lose electric due to storms - when we do have a blackout it's either a squirrel chewing through a wire causing a transformer to blow or a major blow-out in the dog days of summer, when everyone is trying to keep cool and the power companies can't keep up and the whole grid goes down.

If we do lose power, I have a full pantry of items that can be easily put together to make a filling and delicious McDougall-friendly meal. It has to be room temperature, though, as propane stoves are illegal for indoor use in our city, and we have no balcony, deck, porch, roof or even yard access with this top floor walk-up apartment. Besides, I've seen the damage even candles do in these old places and forgo all open flames aside from the kitchen stove. And who can use a camp stove during a hurricane or blizzard, anyway?

I did a little grocery shopping today to grab some needed items for next week's dinners, because our usual shopping day, Sunday, the stores will be crazier than they were today. I have my bottled water all ready should we have no water for some reason, but that never goes out unless we have a water main break, not from storms. Paper plates, disposable cutlery & cups, all our flashlights have fresh batteries, and we have plenty of book, cards, and board games to keep us busy if worse comes to worse.

Good luck, fellow East Coasters, and hopefully we'll all be fine and on-line with little or no interruptions. In the meantime, enjoy some classic Neil Young:

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