Sunday, November 4, 2007

Other foods

I suppose I should also mention that all my meals have been vegan, not just those I posted.

Breakfast is old fashioned oats and applesauce every day except Sunday. On that day I have an Amy's Breakfast Burrito

(or 2) I used to eat 2 every time I had it, but the doc wants me to cut down on fats and calories so only one now.

Lunch is usually a bowl of assorted veggies and a half cup of rice (used to be a cup or more), about a third cup or less of garbanzo beans (food of the gods!) and a drizzle of Annie's Naturals' Goddess salad dressing. When I run out of that, I make Susan V's lite goddess dressing that she made up just for me (Well, I asked and she made the recipe for all of us).

Sometimes I add a salad and leftover soup or whatever.

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