Sunday, November 11, 2007

VegMoFo Post November 11 - More Soup

I thought fall was finally here with winter rapidly approaching, but yesterday we saw our first mall Santa and all the stores have holiday decorations up. While waiting for our trains to come, I was freezing because I went dressed for fall weather in a hoodie sweatshirt and a light denim jacket. How was I to know the temps would drop 20 degrees since we left the house only 3 hours before in the middle of the day? Hubby started wearing his rated-to-minus 20º-double-insulated winter coat when the temps dropped below 60º last month, so he was only slightly chilly. Of course I barely slept all night, thanks to a runny nose and ear ache from the wind going right through the hoodies's hood.

And I woke up today to 29º outside. Good bye, Autumn. Next time stay more than a few days, okay?

The only good thing about winter is that it's perfect soup weather. It looks like I'll have a pot constantly bubbling on the stove from now until next Spring, so expect a lot more soup recipes for the rest of this month. When we get back from the grocery store today, I'll put on a pot of McDougall Potato Chowder, McDougall Potato Chowder another recipe from the McDougall Made Irresistible DVD. I'll either pop a loaf of bread on in my ABM or just buy a loaf of crusty bread at the store this morning to go with it.

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