Monday, November 12, 2007

VegMoFo Post November 12 - Anniversary Dinner

Today is our 30th wedding anniversary, but being a work night we're limited as to how we celebrate it so we had our mandatory anniversary pizza over the weekend.

Mandatory? That's because 30 years ago tonight, after we got home to our apartment after our wedding reception, we popped a frozen pizza into the oven, put a Tom Waits album on the stereo,
(Nighthawks At the Diner, if you care) and counted our cash gifts, putting some aside to take with us to the Poconos the next morning and putting the rest in an envelope to drop off at my parent's house before we left so my mom could deposit it for us. It was the first time either of us ate all day, as the waiter took our untouched plates full of food away from the table when the photographer called us for the cake pictures. The idiots both served and removed the dinner in the 15 minutes we were posing, then when we complained to the caterer he explained there were no extra dinners, that he was terribly sorry. We grubbed some leftover rolls from guests so we had something in us before we started drinking, and ate that pizza with genuine hunger when we got home.

No pizza tonight, though. We'll have a nice spaghetti dinner with meatless meatballs from The Veggie Patch. I'll be making a loaf of Italian bread to go with it this afternoon and will most likely spread some roast garlic on the slices. Nothing fancy, but one of our favorite meals.

Oh, and I finally got that banana bread made, too.
Best Banana Bread

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