Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VegMoFo Post - Marla's Marvelous Recipes

A long-time McDougaller known only as Marla has 2 different blogs with McDougall-safe recipes. The first is located on VegSource and is known as Marla's Marvelous Meals. The other one is on Yahoo's 360 and known simply as Foodblog. Today's dinner recipe comes from the first, but both sites have loads of recipes from different ethnicities to suit every taste.

Breakfast: same old oatmeal and applesauce
Lunch: same old veggies and rice
Dinner: Beans
Bourguignon, maybe a loaf of whole wheat bread made in my Oster ABM, and some cauliflower on the side.

Now, about those Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets I made yesterday that the vegan blogging world has been raving about. Hubby thought they were one of the best foods on the planet and that if the kid didn't insist on burger for his birthday on Thanksgiving we should have had those. I thought they were kind of meh, no better or worse than some of the seitan/garbanzo flour
cutlets or loaves made from one of the many Bryanna Clark Grogan recipes. Could it be because I baked them to avoid the high fat that comes with pan frying in oil? If I did that it would almost double the calories and it would be all from fat!

For the people complaining that they came out stringy - so did mine. I used cold veggie broth, even refrigerated it a few hours. I used the hint to use a food processor to crush the chickpeas and continued the recipe in it, and had a heck of a time getting it all to mix. This was probably where the seitan got hot, as the blades whirled but nothing was moving. Next time I'll process the beans and then pour them into a mixing bowl to continue the recipe. The amount made was perfect for the 2 of us, so I know I will be making this again.

And next time I'll be sure to take a photo before hubby grabs the plate.

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