Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Soup & Sandwich Days

Aren't they great? Just slop some stuff between two pieces of bread, heat up some leftover soup, and you've got a warm, hearty meal that fills your belly for hours on end.

Tonight we're having one of our family's favorites, sloppy joes. Instead of opening a can of Manwich today I'll be making Isa & Terry's Snobby Joes's from their latest cookbook, Veganomicon.

This is the photo from the PPK Veganomicon page. I'll replace it with my own photo after I take it tonight. I can't tell what was used in the photo as a base, but mine are always served over whole wheat kaiser rolls.

I know I said I wasn't going to make stuff from the 'Nomicon for a while, but after adding some of the McDougall recipes into Mastercook and seeing their calories per serving were the same if not higher than some of Isa & Terry's recipes I said Screw it! I'm going to make these foods again. Not that McDougall foods aren't tasty, but they're usually on the plain or Mexican side when it comes to general flavor. I really don't like Mexican food all that much and would prefer not to have to add tons of salt to a dish just to taste something. The leftover potato chowder that will accompany today's sandwiches is good, but very bland.

Dessert will be more of that Best Banana Bread from yesterday.

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