Tuesday, November 20, 2007

VegMoFo Post - What to Wear

Yeah, you don't want to hear about more boring vacation foods, like the pot of split pea soup I tossed together last night to go with the sandwiches, the veggie soup I'll toss together with whatever veggies are in the fridge today, or the same faux chicken cutlets from the Everyday Dish DVD by Bryanna Clark Grogan. You want to read about aprons.


Yes, I admit it: I wear an apron when I cook. It's a habit I got early in life from my Hungarian grandmother. She was raised on a farm, and because back then in Europe it was almost as bad as here during the time of the Little House on the Prairie books of Laura Ingles, and she and her sisters had 2 dresses each - one good one that was worn on holidays and those rare Sundays they drove miles in a horse-drawn cart to church, and an everyday dress that they wore full length aprons over, because aprons not only take less fabric to make but they're easier to wash than whole dresses, especially if the dress is hand-sewn because nobody had their own sewing machine.

Anyway, even as a little girl I loved to sew aprons, and even though my neuritis and arthritis keeps me from sewing as much as I want to, when I do sew lately it's usually been another apron. My favorite pattern, one that fits all my flab, is from Mary Mulari, and even she calls it :

Mary Mulari's Favorite Reversible Apron Pattern

I make my pockets different, though. There's always enough fabric left over to make a full-width rectangular pocket that I divide into three sections.

A yard of fabric for each side is easily found in my stash, although for specialty aprons, like the Fall-themed one I'm working on now, I buy new fabric from the only store that sells yardage in a 30 mile radius, a small Joann's store. This particular one has apples on one side, carrots on the other.

It'll look great if I ever get it done. It took about 2 months just to cut it out. Maybe later today I can talk hubby into taking a nap and I'll finally get a chance to stitch it together.

Some of the other aprons I already made up over the years have stripes, teddy bears, candy canes & peppermints, M&M candies, stars and planets, chickens & cows, frogs & bugs, even Winnie the Pooh. Quilting calicoes come in so many different novelty prints! I wonder if I can find fabric that has tofu on it to make a true vegan-themed apron?

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