Friday, November 16, 2007

VegMoFo Post November 16

Ah, vacation time. For hubby it means not waking up at 4:45 am and going to work, being able to actually eat three meals a day and doing what he wants and staying up late. For me, it also means not waking up that early with the alarm but I'll naturally be awake by 5am, 6 the latest, anyway. It means not being able to do my usual stuff around the house but catering to hubby's whims, doing what he wants to do, going where he wants to go, cooking what he wants to eat.

Officially, his vacation won't start until Monday morning, but unofficially it starts at 12 noon today, when everyone in his company gets the afternoon off to go to the annual awards luncheon. All he has to do is show his face, push some veggies around on his plate, listen to the president make a speech, then he can take off, usually by 2pm. He won't eat anything because he has a 90 minute train ride home, subways and light rail trains that have no restrooms either on the trains themselves or at the stations. That means I have to start feeding him his vacation meals as soon as this afternoon.

Soup and sandwich. That's probably what I'll make for his lunch today and most of the days next week. I recently bought Nava Atlas' Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons, so between that, all the McDougall and Moskowitz/Romero cookbooks, I'll probably make up about 5 different soups in the next 10 days.

Today's lunch time soup will be the Potato Ratatouille from the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan book (MWLP). I'll probably have a sandwich made from the Seitan O'Greatness recipe. I keep a log of this in the freezer at all times.

Dinner tonight is just leftovers from the chili I tossed together the other night, served again with Isa's cornbread. When only 2 people are eating, that cornbread lasts a long time!

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